Duck Duck Goose

I’ve had wild duck before. My dad once caught a wild duck. That’s right–caught it, not shot it. He was out fishing for perch and walleye on Lake Erie in an area popular with wild ducks and hunters. He noticed an injured duck struggling against the waves–he’d been shot but clearly was not taken. One cast and he was hooked up.

Later we plucked the feathers covering the bathroom with pin feathers. The supreme richness and full flavor of wild duck first catches you by surprise–even a small bite throws your taste buds into confusion as your palate readjusts to the meaning of  “duck.”

So, big fan of Hank Shaw, founder of the blog Honest Food, and author of Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook. He’s dropping a new book on how to take duck (and goose) to the next level, both wild and farmed. Now available for pre-order his new joint–DUCK DUCK GOOSE.


Duck Duck Goose

One thought on “Duck Duck Goose

  1. That looks great, I may have to buy this.

    I love the blog and check it daily. My wife (a nurse) has a melted sage butter injected duck recipe which is to die for. We are blessed to eat wild duck and goose weekly in the fall.

    Keep up the good work.

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