Wabbit Tracks

I’ve finally realized the American dream of home-ownership. Got to prep the nest for my wife and the baby! Beyond getting the workshop going and buying garden supplies, I’ve got plans to put in a generator, a freezer for game meat (for when I eventually bag that deer), but also cow-pooling. I noticed rabbit tracks in the snow yesterday and joked about taking them for the stew pot to my wife. I’m serious about it too, because I’ve acquired a really lovely garden with terraced walls and being half a block from a major suburban park with a large resident population of deer I’ve already started “worrying about my begonias.” I’m also looking forward to planting my first real vegetable garden soon. I see bountiful crops of carrots, beets, cucs and tomatoes ahead.

Our New House

So what the hell was I thinking when I visited my home store and purchased Round-up (Montsanto) to kill the weeds in my yard as well a big old jug full of pesticide to spray around the house perimeter?! Mind you, none of it is organic or natural. It was only today on the way to work that it hit me–of course I want a natural home. I want it free from pesticide and chemicals that will inevitably drain into the nearby creek or contaminate those plump rabbits I got my eye on. I’m an advocate for conservation and environmental protection as you well know but talk about having brain farts, the main ingredient of Round-up is glyphosate, a man-made chemical now found in many streams and creeks across the country that suffer run-off from suburban and urban areas. Its not terribly toxic and it biodegrades in 60 days, doesn’t build up in mammals or aquatic species, but frankly why risk it when there are perfectly good non-toxic alternatives out there. It still can cause breathing issues, and kidney damage at chronic levels.

So, again, what the hell was I thinking? Fact is, I wasn’t. I think I was acting on some base instinct to “protect” the homefront from invasion, and got a little too trigger-happy at the home store. Luckily, I caught myself because I think as a new home owner you get this opportunity to set new habits, to put a stake in the ground and really live your beliefs. And I’ve got big plans to create a safe, non-toxic, energy efficient home. Now I’ve got to get rid of these harmful chemicals and figure out my next move, dig in and do some research and find some natural approaches to weed and pest management. Fortunately, nature threw me a reprieve in the form of an early Spring snow-storm. Now its up to me to follow-through.

One thought on “Wabbit Tracks

  1. ChrisM

    Yes, Roundup is some vile stuff- let us know what non-toxic stuff you find that works. It’s been an ongoing battle for me to find organic products that really get the job done. I’ve resorted to regular weeding by hand, but I love working in the yard so it’s totally fine.

    More importantly- are you building a smoker??

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