Billy Reid + Frye Coming to Georgetown

So I’ve been mapping the best menswear in DC and today during a little stroll in Georgetown I noticed that Billy Reid is coming to M street and bootmaker Frye is coming to Wisconsin Ave. Both are superb American-made  brands that offer impeccable gear. I simply can’t wait.

Interesting note about Frye. Though their iconic Harness boot was born decades earlier and inspired by the US Cavalry, the Massachusetts-based family of designers gained a bit of inspiration for another now iconic boot from the district. “During a 1938 trip to Washington, D.C., John A. Frye’s grandson and namesake met a U.S. Navy Admiral who noted his difficulty in finding the Wellington styles he liked so much. As a favor, John agreed to make him a pair. Frye continued to fill these requests for boots through World War II.”

By the way Jack Spade just dropped their first watch line at their Wisconsin Ave location. I checked them out at a recent launch party, and its not bad for their first line.  They’re very deliberately fashion watches and so I’ll stick to my Bell & Ross and Luminox, but no man would be mad if he received one as gift.

Jack Spade Camo Watch

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