She’s Here

So my darling Yunah Anne Johnson was born last week on an early Monday morning bringing joy and happiness into this sometimes jaded man’s life. She’s a perfect (aren’t they all?) melange of my wife and my features, though she’s got big feet and and a toe larger than her big toe (thanks Mom). She’s blessed us now with the experience of parenthood and though we’re rank amateurs, we’re making improvements day by day. I can put a diaper on under 30 seconds half-asleep and can recognizer her “gas face.” And this is just the beginning. The other night my one year old nephew Yemi Joel Johnson (yep he’s my namesake) came by with his parents and he was walking everywhere, getting into everything, and blubbing up half-eaten words, all smiles, and eager to show off his dance skills. It was astonishing to imagine what will happen over the course of the next year of our lives! But for now, I’m glad she’s just plain here. And that everyday I get to wake up, several times a day in fact, to her  bright eyes, cooing and crying.  Let the adventures begin!


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