Gunpowder Gem

Got out on Fathers Day for a morning of fishing on the Gunpowder River. The best thing to do when you’re up earlier on that persnickety piece of water is to throw streamers, but low and behold after a good half-mile walk in I found rising trout about mid-morning taking what I think was the previous evening’s spinner fall remnants and the occasional sulphur dun. After negotiating some a tricky back eddy current and some clumsy fellow anglers who decided to cross the river about 20 feet below me, I set my sights on a rising brown just ahead of a boulder in a pillow seam. The pillow seam worked to my advantage because it doesn’t allow a rising trout a lot of time to investigate the fly. After about 5 – 7 casts he took my sulphur. GP browns aren’t big, they’re wild and hard-won. So I appreciate that this feller and I met at all. GP brown on a sulphurAnd I connected with about four more trout that morning before heading home to be with my girls for the rest of the day. Thank you wifey for the gift of a morning on the water!

A Visit with Cured DC

Count me lucky because my brother Chris is a jack of all trades. He is a contra-maestro Capoeria teacher, PhD grad of the London School of Economics, father (who’s already provided me great advice AND named his firstborn son after me), and an artisan food maker. To be specific, the man cures meat like its nobody’s business, and as family, I occasionally get the perk of first dibs. Like when he previewed his top-secret lamb prosciutto with me last week. I mean, damn. Lamb prosciutto.

Now, count yourself lucky if you live in the DC area because Cured DC products are now available at Derek Brown’s Mockingbird Hill Sherry and Ham bar, Glen Garden Market (the coolest new local market in Dupont Circle), and direct from Cured DC in a CSA form. For more, go here. And if you’ve got something to trade, maybe I can score you some of Chris’s duck prosciutto on the down low. Its next to impossible to get now that its on Mockingbird Hill’s menu.


Terrier Bags

Terrier Bags

I wonder if these will be ready for my week in Chincoteague in August? These look pimping for the summer! Looking forward to seeing the various colorways DC-based Read Wall will give to these waxed canvas bags and totes. Damn nice to see the commitment Wall has to manufacturing his product in the US too. Only thing is the embossed Terrier emblem is too subtle on calfskin. Needs a pop of color!