La Colombe Torrefaction Coming to DC

La Colombe Coffee

BOOM… Wish I could say I broke the news but I’m a month late learning about this – Young and Hungry let DC know La Colombe Torrefaction was coming to the Shaw neighborhood late this year in Feb. How the F did I miss that?

So stoked. I’ve met the founders Todd Carmichael and Jean Philippe Iberti a few times, and am friends with some of the baristas that have been with the company since its inception back in the mid-90s in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. I love what they do – and when they opened three cafes in NYC a few years ago I was first in line. They don’t go in for all that ultra-fancy science-kit coffee but their sourcing and onsite roasting program is impeccable – as well as their trained baristas. I’m also a fan because when I grow up I wanna be like the Todd who  also happens to be a genuine modern-day explorer. Todd’s show, Dangerous Grounds, where he travels the world searching for rare and isolate coffee, is frankly the safest thing he does. He’s a world-record holder and ultra-marathoner, and was the first American explorer to cross Antartica to the South Pole ALONE, on foot and with no assistance. He arrived at the pole on December 21, 2008, after a total travel time of 39 days, 7 hours and 49 minutes. That same timestamp is tatooed to his right bicep. Ok, do I have a little bit of  man-crush, maybe. But I truly love La Colombe and am so glad its landing in DC.


Photo by Prince of Petworth
Photo by Prince of Petworth




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