10 min. in Nashville

Was in Nashville for a brief spell for work and managed to visit Imogene & Willie for a few minutes. Just lovely. I intend to replicate their beautiful store in my basement and just move in down there. I snapped a few quick pictures before my cellphone died. And yes, I copped the salmon chambray shirt. DOPE.







After work I took the client down to Holland House Refuge + Bar where he swore his cocktail (a variation on the whisky smash made with Bulleit, lemon, mint and thyme) was the best bourbon cocktail he’d ever had. I’d say it was the 2nd best I’ve ever had – The Lamb’s Club (NYC) Gold Rush (made with Elijah Craig) is still the best smash I’ve ever tasted. The food at HHR did not disappoint – with lots of sous vide going the fish and lamb were tender and perfect and don’t sleep on the biscuits either.

Hopefully my next visit to Nashville won’t be so short and I’ll get to explore more, but for 10 min in town, I had a great time.

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