You Sell Service

Steve Zakur over at Sipping Emergers wrote a BRILLIANT response to the controversial bitchfest article about lifetime rod warranties over at the Angling Trade by David Leinweber.

I had to weight in. Here’s my comment on about the situation and Steve’s article.

“I read the article too at Angling Trade. I think I agree with your opinion Steve. Fly shops also need to decide what role they want to play in an increasingly online society. Take a look at the CA-based Flyshop. They produce their own line of rods and have both in-store and e-commerce enabled experiences. In short, they are prepared for the modern customer. Just as fly shops have adopted new systems to manage their inventory or apps to to manage appointments for their guides, they have to start considering that customers want and expect convenience, and to be able to shop the way they want. Now, what does that mean for warranties? It means that there ought to be some choices in warranties – for shoppers of different ilk. I agree with having different levels of warranties because there are reasons not to buy a lifetime warranty sometimes. And you better believe the cost of that warranty is included in the price of the rod. They’ve done the math or they wouldn’t offer it. But rod warranties are NOT keeping anglers from buying new rods from fly shops. Fly shops are not doing enough to market their value in addition to the rod purchase – their know how, local expertise, etc. Why not bundle new rods with guided trips? Why not bundle new rods with gear – and not just rod cases. Why not develop an in-house rewards systems, points that can be used against any purchase. See – the key is that fly shops have to find a way to compete on their strengths or the market will continue to evolve and leave them behind – and we would all hate to see that happen.

I recently went into The Backwater Angler because I went to the Gunpowder River and left my reel case behind. I thought – what a perfect excuse to shop for a new reel! Even though the shop owner offered to rent me a reel, I wanted him to take me through his stock and to have a conversation about the product. He had me bring my rod in and we tried several reels on the rod, and I walked out with a really nice new Ross reel. It has a lifetime warranty, but will that stop me from shopping at Backwater Angler for future reels, maybe a rod? Hell no, because I wanted the personal interaction and the comradery that comes from knowing your local fly shop owner. That’s the value of shopping in-person at a fly shop. Now, I can tell you what I don’t want to do – I don’t want to go into a fly shop and buy a rod, and then get asked if I want to buy the warranty like I’m shopping in Best Buy. That’s just not all that interesting. You feel like just a customer when things get that transactional. But I can also tell you that I’ve visited some fly shops where that’s how they made me feel, like a customer at a Best Buy, with no real interaction, just a how can I get you into that car attitude. Those fly shops I don’t return to. So I guess I’m saying, fly shops have to sell service, let the rod companies sell parts and repairs.”




I had a couple of further thoughts which I didn’t put in my comments. Two years ago I purchased a 8wt from the THE FLY SHOP in Redding, CA (their line) and broke it – not once, but twice. The first time I didn’t think it was my fault, but it broke as I was reeling in a nice schoolie striped bass. I don’t know maybe it was my retrieve. The second time it broke while I was casting to Florida-strain largemouth in Texas and I got a snagged in my backcast and like an idiot, whipped the rod instead of cutting the line.

Now, at that point, I thought about a few  things. One, I had to be more careful with my equipment, but two, I also had to upgrade my equipment because clearly the Flyshop rod was not very forgiving for my level of angling at the time. Three, I had to learn how to cast better and play fish better. So, on the second break, I could have sent that rod right back in to be replaced given the warranty, but I saw that I was the one who needed improvement. So I chose not to. I chose to change rods. I choose to become a better angler. So I did not continue to mooch more rods from the Flyshop, I chose to become a better angler and a smarter customer.

Also, about two years ago, I was fishing my Hydros (the now discontinued rod) from Orvis on the East Branch of the Delaware. I made the cardinal mistake of walking to the water without stringing up. Of course I lost the tip. I went to Orvis completely prepared to pay for a new tip, but my warranty covered it – I just had to pay a small fee and shipping. They replaced the rod entirely actually. The Hydros was not inexpensive and I deliberately bought it instead of the lower cost option because I wanted the warranty. Being a new angler, I knew I would f*ck up eventually. So I felt I had paid in advance for that f*ck up. Also, whether I purchased the rod from a fly shop or Orvis doesn’t matter. Know why? Because even as a novice, I still went out and purchased 2 additional rods. Neither had warranties and they are my backups and loaners for friends I want to share the sport with. I purchased the spare rods online to get a good deal, but I purchased all of the supporting equipment, the lines and reels and countless fly fishing doodads from fly shops, because I still wanted the experience of “outfitting” the rods. You can’t get that kind of experience from a website, only from a great fly shop salesperson.  And so to reiterate – fly shops have to sell service and all that experiences that come from outfitting, let the rod companies sell repairs.

In my humble opinion here are three GREAT local shops that overdeliver and could use your support.

Backwater Angler (Monkton, MD)

Mossy Creek (Harrisonburg, VA)

Murrays Flyshop (Edinburg, VA)

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