Screw Black Friday – Support Makers Monday

Makers Monday

SCREW BLACK FRIDAY. Instead of buying loads of plastic, Chinese-made crap at a BIG BOX STORE on Friday, why don’t you consider supporting American jobs, artisans and makers instead on Dec 2nd. MAKERS MONDAY is a new movement by the folks behind some of the most interesting maker brands around, Shinola, Tellason, Schoolhouse Electric, Topo Designs, and veteran American-made manufacturers like Johnson Woolen Mills and Ghurka. Pledge to support your local maker!

In DC – that’s Hugh & Crye, the food artisans at Union Kitchen, Terrier Bags. Come on! Do you really need a new i-box that’s just gonna wind-up in landfill in a couple of seasons?


Forestbound  “its about the importance of the history of the fabric.”

Cobra Rock Boot Company “it was about keeping those elements of the past we really liked.”

Portland Meat Collective “we haven’t had to grapple with the issue of killing our dinner for a long time.”

Appalachia Press

Four Barrel Coffee X Tellason “we didn’t want to have wifi.”

Buttermilk Biscuits

Bottled History “my first drills were needles.”