Deadbait Gift Guide

When I was in high school I was in the Environment and Conservation club. I remember camping trips in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. We swam in cedar creeks, stained red by the roots of the trees that lined the banks. We planted dune grass on the bluffs from one end of Ocean City to another. I remember the scent of patchouli wafting from the first girl I liked as we made posters about recycling and watched old national geographic and wild kingdom films on a rickety movie projector after school.  On occasion we took our seine and combed the surf and tidal pools of the beaches and waded knee-deep in the sulfurous bogs of Great Egg Harbor looking for rare snails, blue crabs, picking up litter while cursing the jetskiers. I read Thoreau and Emerson and Sagan. My romance with Nature blossomed walking the beaches at dawn surrounded by the morning song of the gulls. And when I went to sleep at night with the window open to hear the sound of the distant surf crashing and peak up at the stars, I dreamed of someday being a great naturalist like my heroes Muir and Roosevelt.

Well romances fade and I obviously did not become a park ranger or write epic tomes about the sea or go off to the woods to live alone. The dream still lingers in my soul though, and I crave the feeling of full self-awareness that comes from being close to Nature. I realize that when we love Nature, we are truly loving ourselves. Its not much, I know, but taking a moment to share Nature’s gift is a way to ensure others can experience that love too.

So here is my unique take on the holiday gift guide this year. Happy holidays from deadbait.

A day flyfishing the Rose River in Syria, VA. ($95)


Annual National Park Pass ($80)


Walden (Leatherbound) by Henry David Thoreau

Walden leatherbound

Restore a Culvert


Timberland Earthkeepers ($180)

Timberland Earthkeepers

Flyvines Recycled Fly Line Bracelet ($12)

Flyvines recycled fly line bracelet

Patchouli Diptyque ($28)

Patchouli Diptyque

Opinel Pocketknife ($17)


Woolrich Logan Ridge Blanket ($136)

Woolrich Logan Ridge

National Geographic Survival Guide ($19)

National Geographic Survival Guide

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