2013 Trout Wrap-up

So many things to be thankful for in 2013 its kind of unbelievable. Everything centered around the birth of our daughter of course. We bought and moved into a new home in Silver Spring, and soon after had our girl, Yunah Anne. Then I doubled down at work with conferences and business travel to Austin, LA, Boston, Nashville, Manchester, Charlotte, New Orleans, and Kansas City. Somewhere in there we celebrated the traditional 100-days thing and had family travel to NY, Atlanta, Grafton (VT), and the Shenandoah. We got the house in shape and enjoyed the bountiful garden though I must have raked several tons of leaves (thank you suburban living). Phew! I can’t believe how fast it goes. You have to pay attention every day or you miss things. The fishing was pretty successful despite being so busy at work. I dragged along the fly rod on my business trips, but it was only worth it once or twice really. I don’t like to fish rushed. I managed to fish the Gunpowder several times, the Rose River, the Chattahoochee, the Youghiogheny in Western Maryland for the first time, as well as the storied Battenkill in Vermont. I got skunked on the Savage River, Dukes Creek (GA), the bay in Assateague, Virginia (my only saltwater fishing), and on the Toccoa River (GA). And over Christmas holiday in Georgia I fished the Noontootla, Amicalola, Toccoa, and Smith Creek (but I’ll save that for a separate post). Here are some highlights…

Great Rose River rainbow
Great Rose River rainbow!
My brother and I killed them on this Rose River trip.
Chris with his Rose River bow!
Spring bronzeback taken 5 min. from my house on hidden creek.
Hidden Creek!
GP brown on a sulphur
This gleaming wild brown fell to a sulphur one sunny spring day.
Battenkill Brown Trout
This rising beautiful 20+” wild brown took some figuring out, but we finally got him on a black ant on the storied Battenkill River in Vermont.
North Fork Shenandoah
The beautiful North Fork valley in Shenandoah, home to some amazing smallmouth fly fishing.
Trophy Smallmouth Bass
This trophy smallie was at least 8 lb and 20+”. He took a black popper on the North Fork.
Shenandoah Fall Fish
The North Fork Fall Fish put up quite a fight too.
Youghiogheny River 6
The “Yough” didn’t disappoint with amazing natural surroundings and plenty of action.
Youghiogheny River 5
One of many good sized rainbows above the pump pool!
Youghiogheny River 10
My best underwater shot yet! On the Yough.
Youghiogheny River 13
My nicest trout from the Yough fell to a black stonefly pattern I tied myself.
A late fall sunset over the Middle Patuxent river.
A remarkable holdover brown from the Middle Patuxent.
A true Gunpowder gem. If only they grew bigger on that river!

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