Huckberry Explorer’s Grants

You may be a bit over the hipster thing, but hold on a minute. We owe a little thanks for this cultural moment. Why? Because hipsterism has at its core a feeling that alot of Gen Xers and Millennials dig – nostalgia. And that lust for a classic bygone era lifestyle (of which there are many) has emboldened a younger generation to start appreciating what boomers, and especially the greatest generation had access too – great music, great vibes, and unplugged experiences. And honestly, its not just an empty nostalgia. The Millennial and Gen X tendency to obsessively remix and co-create with previous subcultures is leading to some exciting new values that really distinguish this generation from recent ones. This is no more evident than in the return of the pioneering spirit of wanderlust that permeats Tumblr and Pinterest boards, retro-looking saloons and barbershops, throwback brands (and branding), and adventure media. Fueled by the explosion of access to digital archives, dead stock, and resurfaced brands and stories by niche bloggers who intimately obsess over vintage Levi’s and #Van-Life, the new spirit of adventure isn’t confined to mining the depths of the internet into the wee hours. Its coming to life as new adventurers foresake their day jobs or postpone weddings to hike the Appalachian trail or Continental Divide. The spirit is present when PhD economists apprentice for free for years to learn the art of butchery (like my brother). Its present when fishing bloggers get together to tour Alaska’s embattled Tongass wilderness to help protect it. And its present when new brands start sponsoring expeditions to help their fans make their next adventure a reality.


The Huckberry team is introducing Explorer’s Grants to create an inspirational karma loop of adventures for its fan. A few lucky applicants will get a serious cash infusion – a thousand bucks! – for their planned expedition and a selection of gear from some very cool brands, including Poler, Nemo, Topo Designs, and Goal Zero. They want you to document the journey and make the whole story available to Huckberry of course, but its all in service of the karma loop. The judge of the grants is none other than the #microadventure inspiration himself, Alistair Humphreys, a National Geographic Explorer of the Year and professional adventurer.

For the details, check out Huckberry Explorer’s Grants page here. If you’ve got an adventure planned or have a dream microadventure in mind but just needed the kick in the pants to get started, you’d better get on the application now. The deadline to submit is March, 31.


To get your juices going here’s  my own microadventure idea to steal for your own to get you started:

FLOAT THE POTOMAC – starting in West Virginia on the North branch of the Potomac above Jennings Lake in Western Maryland, float the Potomac in a kayak all the way to the mouth of the Cheasapeake Bay with stops at the Savage River, Harpers Ferry (Anglers Inn), Conococheague, Great Falls, and Occoquan. My goal would be target as many fish species as possible, trout, bass, gar, stripers, snakehead, etc.

When: Mid-summer or early fall

States: WVA, VA, MD, DC

What to take: My Orvis Hydros 5wt flyrod, a shit ton of crittermite flies, Poler napsack, lots of goretex, waterproof digital camera, Freedom Hawk kayak, Garmin, Goal Zero Lighthouse

Estimated travel: 2 Weeks. 450 miles.

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