ROHAN ANDERSON: THE SMOKEHOUSE  “Try and con your friends into coming to help you peel the logs.”

THIS MUST BE THE PLACE: THE HILL “It seems shameful that people are willing to let it go by the wayside.”

JOHN CHO MOORE “I was designing fleeting things.”


TIM FLAGLER: ISO SPINNER “These are large bugs that elicit aggressive takes.”


BENTON FAMILY CURE “Even a blind hog gets an acorn every now and then.”

THE DISTILLERS: HUDSON WHISKEY “I come in at 6:30 am in the morning and am tasting whisky by 7am.”


STEPHEN KENN “We pay homage to the brave individuals who fought for our freedom.”


BROOKLYN GRANGE: BEE KEEPERS “These are not country bumpkin bees.”

KINFOLK DINNER: Philadelphia

GULL LAKE BOAT WORKS“The beauty is in the imperfection.”

INDUSTRY CITY DISTILLERY “Why make vodka? Because its a fantastic challenge.”

McEWEN AND SONS TRUE GRITS “I bought the mill and then decided to find out how to run it.”



DEFY BAGS “We are really trying hard to bring back that sense of pride.”



SCOTT FLY RODS “I don’t know of another company that has handbuilt every rod they’ve sold for 40 years.”

THE DISTLLERS: ROUNDHOUSE SPIRITS “A little variation is a good thing.”

MADE HERE MADE WELL: MADE OF NEW YORK “It’s designed so we have a minimal amount of waste.”

BALL AND BUCK “Its really about something that connects you with the craftsmen who put blood, sweat and tears into it.”


Don Ville “On my business card it says that I’m a shoemaker.”


Croft Craft Custom Boats “I just love to fish browns at night, but I needed a boat to do that.”


Dry Fly Distilling “I think our job is to take this great raw material, and do everything we can to get out of its way.”



Kinfolk: Brooklyn Dinner


J. L. Lawson & Co: The Rack


This Must Be the Place: John Coffer “They become valued objects, not just an image.”


General Knot “The handmade tie will always outlive the mass made one.”


SchoolHouse Electric & Supply Co “We were looking at it from a micro-manufacturing way.”


How to Tie an Isonychia Emerger “Its easy to tie and remarkably effective.”


Seize sur Vingt  “That was close.”


Billy Reid at Home in Alabama “We wanted to be in town.”


SAGE One Rod “It’s not what you put into a rod that makes it great, it’s what you can remove.”


Finally, this last video comes from Qualia Coffee, a small batch, often single-origin “shop roaster” just two blocks from my new apartment in the Petworth section of Washington, DC.


ColsonKeane “Leather ages…it tells story.”


The Hill-Side & Co. X Owner Operator “Anorak”


American Mug & Stein  “America has lost making the product.”


Chef Jamie Bissonnette “I use a human bone saw that my sous chef bought for me off a human autopsy website.”


The Sulphur Emerger “The sulphurs are one of the most anticipating hatches of the year, and one of the most frustrating.”


Roy Denim  “Every roll in here has kind of a little story.”

Roy Slaper explains the quality that older machines provide, slower is better here.


Wabi Nabe “The form of the handles is based on charred wood I found while hiking.”


This is the tenth installment of Film CRAFT. I’m surprised and happy to see you’re still with me. I’ve been going through a lot of change in the last year and searching for, hunting down films that show American craftsmen and artists building things with their hands, reminds me to keep it simple. Of course nothing in life is simple, but when I watch these films, I get to dwell in the space where the mind slows and the hand takes over. Instinct merges with hard-earned skill and insight seems as tangible as taking a book off the shelf.


Cypress Kayaks


John Derian




Tom Mylan, The Meat Hook, The Better Bacon Book (actually an iPad app).


An Afternoon With… Mikael Kennedy


And just in time for the Derby…

Mint Julep at Bohemian Hotel


Its well into the new year and time for the first Film Craft of 2012. Here’s an eclectic mix, no theme, just fun.

Let’s kick it off with Randolph Engineering. My boy Eric put me on to this incredible Massachusetts-based eyewear company a few years ago. RE’s handbuilt sunglasses and shooting glasses have been worn by American aviators and outdoorsmen since 1972. Recently, they collaborated with Michael Bastian for their first fashion line, but don’t worry, Randolph Engineered eyewear is rugged, durable and affordable. I’ve got two different pairs of aviators and no plan to ever buy another brand, ever.



I was given a Makr keychain which is aging quite nicely. The leather has picked up a cool patina, and now I’ve got my eye on one of designer Jason Gregory’s rucksacks. Gregory started Makr Design Studio and goes from sketch to CAD to prototype to product from his home base in Florida. Spend a moment on his blog to see where he draws inspiration from.



Here’s a bonus video demonstrating how Makr embosses their packaging.



I’m dying to get my hands on one these Edisto Oyster Knives from the Williams Knife Company. Chris Williams was featured in Garden and Gun magazine recently. I can easily see an Edisto showing up on The Bureau of Trade in 50 years…



Field Notes, where to begin? I’m pretty sure the first words I ever wrote in pencil must have been in a pad like Field Notes. Here’s a look at the printing process for the always useful Steno.



A final film  reminds me that maker-culture is about making life better. What I admire about Kinfolk out of Portland, is that they honor and simplify the art of communion in the craft of the get-together. Here’s their manifesto. It’ll make you want to make a stew and invite some friends over for an impromptu gathering.



This edition of Film CRAFT focuses on the building of fly fishing tools. Having taken a fly-tying class recently, I realized that fly-fishing was and remains, a cottage industry, with many dedicated craftspeople. There are of course hundreds of videos of fly-tying online, but I thought I would share a broader selection of craftsmen who make the sport that much more beautiful.

Bernard Ramanauskas has made bamboo cane rods for Scott Fly Rods and many select clients. This nice short features Bernard building and fishing.



Seattle-based Kelly Neu built her drift boat out of $300 of materials, driftwood, reclaimed lumber, spit and elbow grease. She chronicled the dory build on her blog and in a killer time-lapse video.



Schliske Bamboo Fly Rods made by angler, filmmaker and master rodmaker Matt Schliske of Fort Collins, CO are true works of art, but as you’ll see at the end of the video, they work quite well too.



This short for the Fly Fishing Film Tour features Schliske and buddies on the Rattlesnake Creek fishing private waters, drinking and droning. My kind of outing.



Japanese tenkara angler, Katsutoshi Amano ties his flies by hand (no vise).



Matt Stoecker is a different kind of craftsmen, he’s a conservation biologist and his craft is in protecting and restoring steelhead habitat. He works to remove old dams to provide access for steelhead migration. He also blows up dams, hell yeah.



Lastly, I want to share this gem of a little short by Aussie creatives, Urchin Associates, for the global charity, Movember. Briefly, if you don’t know, Movember is a global movement that ask men to forgo shaving for the month of November to raise money for prostate cancer research. A “red tag” fly is tied by the river by “Blake.” Blake’s not famous, he’s just a fisherman, like so many of us. It just goes to  show, that every angler can be a craftsmen (and make a difference too).