Goodbye Condit

Chock one up for us humans. We may make a lot of mistakes, but we have the know-how to fix them too if we try.



The Condit Dam on the White Salmon River stood since 1913 and was the nation’s second tallest dam. Earlier this month, the Elwha river saw the beginning of the removal of two dams. Its one of three dams recently removed in the state of Washington to protect and improve fisheries. The dams blocked the migration of Chinook salmon and Steelhead. It also prevented sediment from flowing downstream. The Yakima Nation lobbied hard for the dams removal with environmental groups, but in the end, the cost of upgrades by the Pacificorp owned dam were just too much. It was cheaper to restore the habitat. For more on the Condit Dam removal, and the work of Friends of the White Salmon River, read this.