Barrel Aged Cocktails Coming

I love my pop. He has a knack for giving surprising gifts, sometimes spot-on, sometimes hilariously odd. He once got me a popcorn maker, one of those old-timey miniature red ones you’d see in a vintage cinema. This Christmas, he hit the nail on the head with a Barrel Aged Cocktail Kit, including bottle with oak stave and custom made 1 liter barrel from Tuthilltown Spirits. Call me trendy but damn that’s nice! Tuthilltown has been supplying quite a few NY-area bars with their oak barrels I hear, and I’m pretty certain the Aged Gin Breukelen Distilleries produces is done in T-town barrels.

Can’t wait to have him up from Richmond so he can sample my aged Manhattan. I’m also considering a single-malt aged-cocktail so if you have any ideas, drop me a line.