Secret Stash

I came across a new local spot to fly fish, and get this, its bordering and within the Beltway, just a few minutes from DC. This will be my secret stash–when I need to get away, have just about two or three hours to wet a line, and don’t want to fight traffic. The best thing about this spot, its hard to get to, even for people who live right on it. Its about 145 vertical feet down in a ravine on an obscure trail that meanders through obscure neighborhoods of DC. All that keeps the riff-raff away though I’m sure the creek’s got its poachers. But this ain’t Rock Creek.

For its surprisingly close proximity to DC, its trash free, and clearly subject to some runoff. And while it has long stretches of nondescript sandy bottom in the headwaters and where it empties into the X river, there’s a good quarter mile of boulder-strewn pocket water in my area, filled with pleasant pools with gravel bottom and ledge. It is  stocked with trout, but there are plenty of sunfish and sizable bass, and plenty of other wildlife including turkey, deer and the usual small mammals, including snapping turtle (see below). Like a typical Maryland stream out west, and because its so far down, its got great bouldering if you’re into that sort of thing. For me, this little tributary is going in the back pocket for moments when I need to feel the tug and feel the breeze on my face.