Taste of the Upper East in DC

We finally found New York bagels in DC–well Silver Spring to be more exact. Goldberg’s Bagels is easy to miss when you’re driving up Georgia Ave to the Beltway, in fact, its easier to hit when you’re coming BACK from whatever took you out of the beltway in the first place. You could just choose to cross the 8 lanes of traffic though to zip into the little strip mall that houses this precious jewel. My wife and I were skeptical of course, but as soon as we walked in we knew we had hit the jackpot–because you just KNOW the smell of a quality bagel place, and the first smell that hit me was whitefish. The hospitality and smiles were genuine and we had to take home half a dozen, starting with one of their famous Black Russians (pumpernickel with sauteed onions in the dough and sesame seeds) with a whitefish smear. Oh baby. Delish.

Black Russian Bagel