Film Craft V

I bumped into Brooklyn-based writer, Steven Rinella,  and host of The Wild Within the other day and had to tell him how much I enjoyed his show. I mean, not many TV hosts have the skills to break down an entire Moose that they have stalked and shot in ten minutes of onscreen footage…or climb a highway underpass to retrieve pigeon eggs and serve ’em up over a campfire for dinner. This man, is authentic, the real-deal–a hunter, trapper and writer who tells it as it is.

The Wild Within “Everybody eats bacon, but nobody wants to stab the pig.”


Lately, along with my fishing habits, I’ve been thinking about “authenticity” in television and advertising and while I’m happy the ad-guys are at-least “on-trend”, I can’t help but think that the underdog artisan, the hunter-gatherer, the farmer, the mechanic, their voices aren’t often heard from in mainstream media. So, I figured it was time for another installment of my Film CRAFT series, where I feature American artisans keeping the spirit of “handmade” alive and well.

Rancourt Shoes  “They are second, third generation hand-sewers.”


Sea Bags  “Sailed all over the world, recycled in Maine.”


Dry Fly Distilling  “Our objective…was to get out and enjoy life.”


Liberty Vintage  “Our can-do American spirit is being lost.”


Best Made Co. “You put an axe in someone’s hand and they feel empowered.”


This last video is actually a full half hour high production value, branded documentary by Bombay Sapphire, called The Culture of Quality: The Artisan’s Journey. I’ve written about the role of branded documentaries before, and on my marketing blog, but just a reminder–the goal here is to market the product using authentic, real stories–not fictional ones, like in most story-based advertising. Product claims aren’t shouted–rather, product benefits and brand equities are placed alongside the real stories of people who use the product, fit the brand image or have similar missions, are often the subject matter. The Culture of Quality features interviews with some of the people behind bespoke brands, Barking Irons, DS&Durga, and Vosges Chocolates, as well some excellent drink preparations and gin history. It ends with a mixology contest featuring the storied gin. Damn, I’m thirsty!