Maybe He Ought to Fish More Often…

Oh yeah. He does it. Now…if he can just get the economy in order… I find the concentrated activity of fly fishing helps the unconscious mind untangle tough problems.

MSNBC mistakenly reported Obama received a fly rod for his 50th, when in fact it was two years ago on his 48th. Guess the morons at NBC didn’t have any real reporting to do on…oh, say…the economy.

Obama joins a lineage of president anglers, including Carter, Bush Snr., Roosevelt, Grant, Hoover, Eisenhower, Cleveland and Coolidge.

If Obama would get out and fish more often, perhaps his abysmal conservation record might improve too. I mean seriously, come on… when we’re looking for ways to create jobs, it starts with protecting your own back yard. How is cutting National Parks budgets saving jobs?