Beaver Creek

Visited Beaver Creek in Maryland twice now. Lovely little limestoner that runs through beautiful farmland west of Frederick, Maryland. I bumped into the man responsible for restoring this gem, Doug Hutzel. Through the work of countless volunteers, neighbors and anglers, the Beaver Creek Watershed Association act as riverkeeper here. The morning I was out, Hutzel was leading a group of veterans from Project Healing Waters for a few hours of fishing on one of the private stretches.

Now, folk swear Beaver Creek, despite its diminutive size, holds some bigguns. James from the Beaver Creek Fly shop was happy to prove it when he pulled out his cell and showed me a monster brown, easily 26″. Later as I dragged copper wooly bugger through the bottom of a pool I watched a +20″ drift through shadows after it, but he got wise to me. I also took a few shots at a +20″ rainbow under a log who just wouldn’t come out and play no matter what I drifted by his maw. I suspect I didn’t have anything in my flybox small enough. And on my second trip I watched a 25″ rainbow cruise right by me. The water was so clear I could see the scar from where he’d been caught before. I could swear he was giggling under his breath as he swam by me.

No matter, I know you gotta earn your shots and put your time in. Beaver Creek is just a little far, far enough that you wonder why you didn’t just hit the Gunpowder instead with its 1000 finicky trout per mile, it would have been just as challenging. And yet the Beaver is an alluring piece of water with big, tough, old wild trout that surely beckons me back…