All deadbait Wants for Xmas…

Made it to Partners & Spade yesterday after wading through gobs of shoppers in Noho/Nolita/Soho while looking for a little something something for my wife. I’d tell you where I shop but since my wife reads the blog on occasion I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.

Score! W.M. Brown red wine vinegar (splashing it over the broccoli tonight for an improptu get together over a couple of brined roasters). I also picked up Partners & Spade edition of “Air Conditioner Graffiti.” I collect books on graf, stickers, street art, stencils, from all over the world, must have well over a dozen books. My fav has got to be Supply and Demand (Shepard Fairy) and Tristan Manco’s Graffiti Brasil.

Exhausted. Stopped at PEELS for biscuit, sausage, cheddar-scrambled eggs and a Lagunitas.

Lots of blogs are doing the “what i want for xmas thing”…beats the sterility of the Wishlist I guess. What do I want?

PEACE …is that lame? Ok, then I’d settle for…

from right to left

  • Krocodile Spoon (works on Lake Trout, Brown Trout this time of year)
  • The New Brooklyn Cookbook
  • Filson Belt (black)
  • Orvis Helios Fly Fishing Kit (I’m terrified of becoming addicted to this expensive hobby)
  • Klein Tool bag (leather)
  • Bell & Ross Vintage Officers Watch
  • Field Notes
  • Kings County Distillery Bourbon (avail only at the distillery)

I just moved from “regular” to “contributing” member of the Sierra Club, Nice! remember, give yourself a gift that gives too!